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Welcome Dewa Oka

Quick Clip with Sanggoe

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Sunday, 12 December 2010


We're celebrating the end of the year with this Weekend Skate comp Held by MOTION, Divisions are GROMS, BEGINNER and OPEN, its gonna be a great day with a BBQ SKateboarding and a live performance by Local SKater band "the Second Home"....so dont miss out!!

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Final Results
1. Elijah Berle
2. Ishod Wair
3. Jon Cosentino
4. Kevin Romar
5. Jeffery Marshall
6. Felipe Gustavo
7. Julian Christianson
8. Ben Hatchell
9. Kyle Walker
10. Matt Berger
11. Jack Olson
12. Shawn Hale
Independent Best Trick
1. Cameo Wilson – 360 flip over the elbow block and a frontside flip to flat.
2. Dylan Perry – Gap to 50-50 over the elbow block.
3. Ben Hatchell – Fakie bigger flip over the bank to bank.

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Toy Machine BRAINWASH Premiere

 Toy Machines new video 'BRAINWASH' will be premiering @ motion skatepark on the 17th November, starting @ 4:30pm........There will be a Game of skate,
griptape customization, bbq and free skate. " this is a free event so be
... there or commit suicide cause your blowing it"!!!!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Rip Curl Surf & Music Festival Skateboard Competition

Come join us in bali for the Rip Curl Surf & Music Festival Skateboard Competition on Kuta Beach. Rip Curl together with Motion is holding a fun street and miniramp contest......Please register @ Motion Skatepark & Motion Skateshop - Registration Price: Rp 10.000......info +6281236490555

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Emerica Fall 2010 New Arrivals

Emerica Fall 2010 is here, check the new styles and colors. This is our first season after stay gold....lets mold the road to a new beginning.

Reynolds.....all time
His part in Stay Gold was mind blowing, seeing what he went through on the bonus footage is just insane. Here we have for you the latest color  for his latest Shoe Reynolds Cruizers

 Reynolds Cruizers
Black White Silver
Rp 807.000

Black Black White
Rp 565.000

Brown White
Rp 565.000

Black Purple
Rp 837.000

Black White Grey
Rp 837.000

Wino is the new Casual shoe its light, cheap and stylish,,,it lost the box and its displayed hanging for a more chill feel.

Rp 420.000

Leo Romero, his part was great his style was great and his trick selection was great.....to back it all up his new shoe Romero 2 is even greater...emericans love his old shoe the "Leo".....heres a new one for you all.

Romero 2
Black White Gum
Rp 687.000

Emerica is available at:
(Jakarta) Life La Piazza, Skematic, Stepa
(Bali) Motion, Noize, Evolve
(Bandung) Hobbies
(Padang) Substance

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Etnies Fall 2010 New Arrivals

Here are some of the new shoes that have arrived for our fall 2010 season.....mikey taylor ada 2 pro model yg baru, malto ada warna yg keren juga.....collab ama Girl skateboards....check these....
Shoe: Girl Malto Collab
Colour: Black/blue/white
Size: US 8,9,10,11
Price Rp 807,000

Shoe: Malto
Colour: green/white/gum
Size: US 8,9,10,11,12
Price Rp 745,000

Shoe: Barge
Colour: red/black
Size: US 8,9,10,11,12
Price Rp 745,000

Colour: black/black/white
Size: US 8,9,10,11
Price Rp 807,000

Shoe: Jameson 2
Colour: purple
Size: US 8,9,10,11,12
Price Rp 627,000

Mike Taylor 2 & Taylor LS are the new shoes to come out for Mikey this season, we've got 3 colours to offer the indonesian market. Dua2nya simple dan sangat nyaman untuk dipakai skate,,,check them out here:

Shoe: Mike Taylor 2
Colour: black/white
Size: US 8,9,10,11,12
Price Rp 807,000

Shoe: Taylor LS
Colour: black/white/gum
Size: US 8,9,10,11
Price Rp 627,000

Shoe: Taylor LS
Colour: grey/purple
Size: US 8,9,10,11, 12
Price Rp 627,000

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Thursday, 16 September 2010


We've got the stay gold dvd and deluxe edition available for all of you @ Motion, Noize, Skematik, & Hobbies DVD Rp 185.000 (price is reduced),,,,for hardcore Emerica heads we got the DELUXE edition for Rp 285.000....get yours now and support the emerica team for all their hardwork put into Stay gold......

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Emerica Indonesia Facebook Page

Be sure to checkout the new Emerica Indonesia Facebook page, dedicated to bringing products, news, photos, videos, and general info about Emerica in Indo and around the world. So support and lets help the indo skate scene BERKEMBANG!!!
Emerica Indonesia

Stay Gold DVD Available

Stay gold dvd available for sale @ Motion Skateshop Bali, Hobbies Skateshop Bandung, Skematik Jakarta......Rp 285.000 free onkir (from Motion)

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Dimas 1st Ad

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Stay Gold DVD arrived

Just arrived from the Emerica headquarters, the stay gold dvd......checked it and it works.....so all is good for the premiere......looking forward to see Andrew reynolds and the rest of the Emerica crew shred!!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010





YOGI 50-50




 The 5th stop of the Pieronation Series kicked of great at Motion Skatepark Bali, the 3 divisions (under 15, Beginner, Open) skaters showed up from all over Indonesia and other parts of the world.

Under 15 was pretty amazing as these young kids really showed that they are coming up fast.  In the final Andre took the top spot with his flawless run ending with a kickflip down the stairs.

Beginner was just a race for 2nd as 1st place was reserved for Dewa Oka, he won cause he just didnt fall and put together a solid run, in the league with the Open Division....his consistency is scary....

Open was the main event with the likes of Reno, Deni tx, Yogi, Genta dom dom, indra leonardo, mario, Pevy...showing how far indonesian skateboarding is being pushed to. These kids are goooood.....in the end Rino took home the gold...with 3 super solid runs banging inverts, hardflips, switch blunts, fs airs and lipslides......all that traing at Motion did pay off haha...

Sudah lama indonesia ngak ada event yg seperti dulu lagi. Skate di indo sudah makin maju sekarang,,,,banyak skateshop, skate brand, skatepark dan utamanya skateboarders....we should say thanks to Piero and all the other companys Supporting skateboarding in Indonesia. Peace!!!

Best Trick: Deni Tx & Indra Kubon
Overall Winner & Rp 5.000.000 prize: Pevy Permana

Result :
OPEN CLASS                                    BEGINNER CLASS                        UNDER 15
  1. Rino Herman                                    1. Dewa Oka                                     1. Andre            .
  2. Norman Genta                                  2. Gilang Hasanegara                        2. Kyori
  3. Arif Tole                                           3. Husni Alim                                    3. Sanggu Darma
  4. Agung HB                                        4. Dimas H.S                                      4. Brian
  5. Pevy Permana                                   5. Gonyen                                          5. Putu Bagus M