Monday, 4 October 2010

Emerica Fall 2010 New Arrivals

Emerica Fall 2010 is here, check the new styles and colors. This is our first season after stay gold....lets mold the road to a new beginning.

Reynolds.....all time
His part in Stay Gold was mind blowing, seeing what he went through on the bonus footage is just insane. Here we have for you the latest color  for his latest Shoe Reynolds Cruizers

 Reynolds Cruizers
Black White Silver
Rp 807.000

Black Black White
Rp 565.000

Brown White
Rp 565.000

Black Purple
Rp 837.000

Black White Grey
Rp 837.000

Wino is the new Casual shoe its light, cheap and stylish,,,it lost the box and its displayed hanging for a more chill feel.

Rp 420.000

Leo Romero, his part was great his style was great and his trick selection was back it all up his new shoe Romero 2 is even greater...emericans love his old shoe the "Leo".....heres a new one for you all.

Romero 2
Black White Gum
Rp 687.000

Emerica is available at:
(Jakarta) Life La Piazza, Skematic, Stepa
(Bali) Motion, Noize, Evolve
(Bandung) Hobbies
(Padang) Substance

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  1. motion katanya ada diskon akhir tahun gak?